2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment 1967-68

Reunion 2010
A large group of Bravo Company members attended the 1st Cavalry Division 63rd Reunion, held at the Sheraton Hotel, Bloomington, Minneapolis, June 2-6, 2010.

For the troopers of Bravo Company, the highlight of the 2010 Reunion was the presentation of a Silver Star and other medals to Chris and David Decker, the sons of Captain David Decker, on June 4, 2010. For additional details on the awards ceremony, see the tab at the introduction page marked, A Forgotten Hero Remembered.

These comments made after last year’s reunion are equally valid for expressing our feelings about the 2010 Reunion. “Despite the fact that we had not seen each other for 41 years, it is impossible to express with words the fellowship that engulfed us after a few minutes together. During the four-day reunion there was lots of laughter, some damp eyes, we discussed some painful subjects and we had a wonderful time together.”

Unfortunately, we had some last minute cancellations: Barb & Gene Hedberg due to illness, and Carol and Ralph Mercado due to a death in the family. We missed you guys and hope to see you next year.

In addition to attending various functions, we spent many hours at our Hospitality Suite with its well-stocked bar. There was lots of laughter and also discussion about our Vietnam service during 1967-68. Jim Beck had a large album with photos taken in Vietnam and these were used to identify more names of Bravo Company troopers. Most visited the Mall of America, located 15 minutes from the Sheraton Hotel.

Reunion 2011. We agreed to hold our next reunion in conjunction with the 8th Cavalry Regiment Reunion, hosted by Angry Skipper (Delta, 2/8th Cav), at Fort Benning, Columbus, Georgia, May 18-22, 2011.

There will be plenty of interesting activities because Fort Benning is the Home of the Infantry, it is where helicopter assault tactics were tested and developed during the early 1960s, it was the home base for the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) during deployment to Vietnam in 1965, it was the military base in the film “We Were Soldiers Once”, and it is the home of the new National Infantry Museum that celebrated its grand opening in 2009. It is not necessary to spend four days at the reunion, most attended the 2010 Reunion for 2-3 days.

PHOTOS FROM http://picasaweb.google.com/jpbeck/Reunion2010#

L to R: J. Beck, B. Evans, P. O'Sullivan, M. Spehar, J. Casey, J. Rascher, F. Fish,
J. Ford, D. Decker, T. DeYoung, R. Bono, G. Stine, B. Sherwood,
C. Decker, H. Nylan, B. Patterson, A. Hecker, B. Suhosky, E. Scholes

L to R: Gen Bono, Rebecca Ford, David Decker, Kathy Sherwood, Barbara Stine, Vibeke O'Sullivan, Chris Decker, Jean Patterson, Wilda Mosher and Evelyn Nylan

Medals and photos presented to Chris and David Decker on 4 Jun 10

L to R: J. Beck, F. Fish, P. O'Sullivan, B. Patterson A. Arends B. Sherwood,
A. Hecker & G. Stine (kneeling)

Presentation of Honorary Membership to Bravo Company to (L to R) Chris Decker, Peter O'Sullivan, Ed Scholes and David Decker (Bravo Company Dinner 4 Jun 10)

David Decker, Peter O'Sullivan and Chris Decker
4 Jun 10

Henry and Evelyn Nylan
1CDA Hospitality Suite 3 Jun 10

Bobbi and Alvin "Butch" Arends

James Ford and his sister Rebecca
1CDA Mixer Event 3 Jun 10

Henry Nylan, Chris Decker and Fred Fish
Bravo Company Hospitality Suite

Ray Bono and his sister Rebecca

Kathy and Bill Sherwood

John Casey and Bill Sherwood
1 CDA Mixer Event 3 Jun 10

L to R: Peter O'Sullivan, David Decker, Tom DeYoung
Bravo Company Hospitality Suite

L to R: H. Nylan, A. Hecker, C. Decker, T. DeYoung, B. Sherwood, D. Decker, F. Fish
1CDA Mixer Event 3 Jun 10

1CDA Hospitality Suite



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