2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment 1967-68

Reunion 2009
Fourteen members of Bravo Company and seven wives attended the 1st Cavalry Division reunion at Fort Hood, Texas, 3-7 June 2009. This was the first reunion for twelve of us and we were somewhat apprehensive as we did not know what to expect. Most of us came to the reunion thinking that this would be our first and last, but it took only a few hours to convince us all that we would attend the next reunion in 2010.

Despite the fact that we had not seen each other for 41 years, it is impossible to express with words the fellowship that engulfed us after a few minutes together. During the four-day reunion there was lots of laughter, some damp eyes, we discussed some painful subjects, and we had a wonderful time together. This is clearly evident when you review the reunion photographs posted below. The wives also had a great time and those who did not bring their wives, said that they would bring them to the Reunion in 2010. The guidon is the same one that we had in Vietnam and as you can see from the photos, the presence of the guidon was extremely important to all of us.

The current Battalion Commander of the 2nd Bn, 8th Cav Regt, Colonel Solomons, spent a lot of time with us during one of the social events and told us about the Battalion now stationed in Iraq. He is wearing a yellow polo shirt in one of our group photographs. Many of us had a long discussion with Dr. Jim Rascher, who was the Battalion Doctor and many will remember him as our Santa Claus when we spent the night of 24-25 December 1967 at LZ English.

Reunion 2010. Hope to see you at the next 1st Cavalry Division reunion, 3-6 June 2010, Bloomington, Minnesota. Bravo Company staying at Sheraton Bloomington Hotel, special 1st Cav Div rates - $109 + 13.65% tax single/double occupancy. For Hotel Reservation Team 1-800-325-3535, or book on line at

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PHOTOS FROM http://picasaweb.google.com/jpbeck/Reunion2009#

Stine, Hecker, O'Sullivan, Patterson, Solomons, Hedberg
Beck, Fish, Sherwood

Barbara Stine, Cathie Sherwood, Vibeke O'Sullivan, Carol Mercado and Barbara Hedberg

Bob Patterson, Al Hecker, "Red" Marshall, Gary Stine, Bill Sherwood, Peter O'Sullivan & Jim Beck bid farewell to Bob Patterson

Fred Fish, Jim Beck, Gene Hedberg & JD Smith

Vibeke O'Sullivan, Ralph Mercado, Gene Hedberg, Peter O'Sullivan & Carol Mercado

Fred Fish, Al Hecker, Bob Patterson, Bill Sherwood & Peter O'Sullivan

Al Hecker, Bob Patterson, Bill Sherwood & Peter O'Sullivan

Bravo Company Dinner 5 Jun 09

Fish, Beck, Hedberg, JD Smith (Bravo 65-66)

LTC Mark Solomons, Present Commanding Officer 2nd Bn 8th Cav

Jim Rascher, 2/8 Battalion Surgeon

Sharing old memories at the Fairfield Inn 62nd Reunion 2009

Sharing memories at the Fairfield Inn


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